Reinhold was born in 1968 in Germany. Like almost every child in a rural area he learned to play the flute when he visited elementary school. Aged ten he decided to play the trombone at the brass ensemble of the local church. While playing the trombone he always felt a longing in his heart to play guitar. What a pleasure it was when he got his first guitar in the age of 12. The pastor of the local church teached him the basics of playing guitar. When Reinhold changed to junior high school he visited a seminar for playing classical guitar. At the same time the junior-high-school-band was looking for a bassplayer and Reinhold decided to play the bass. The band never played own songs but covered songs from the Beatles, Roy Orbison and other Rock 'n Roll heroes. After junior high Reinhold felt that he should bring his own band to life and he founded the band Küstenfeuer (engl. meaning: shore light). Küstenfeuer toured all around Germany in the early nineties and played more than 300 concerts in this time. 1993 Jim Foster from Nashville, who had a stay in Baden Baden and Cologne then, produced the CD Zukunftskinder (engl. meaning: children of the future) with Küstenfeuer. In the year 2005 Reinhold asked the members of Küstenfeuer to reunite. This was the beginning of a new bandproject called "bless!". Günter Yogi Lauke became aware of the band and started to work with them. But some circumstances forced the band to lay down their work after three years. Reinhold has been a worshipleader in Nuremberg for a few years. Since 2017 he is member of Every-Nation-Church Nuremberg. He is writing lyrics and songs with his wife Irene.

Irene was born in Russia (you never ask a woman about her age). She learned to play the piano at the local school of music in Tashkent. After an Odyssey that lead her from Tashkent to Riga and from Riga to Circic she had the chance to emigrate to Germany with her family. In Germany Irene studied vocals and piano at vocational school of music in Bad Königshofen. She married Reinhold and teamed up with him as songcreator. Since then she composed a hundred songs. In 2005 Irene became a member of bless! and toured three years with them. Irene is a singer at Every-Nation-Church Nuremberg and still composing.